Abhinay Chaudhary, co-founder of Big Basket has launched “LaundaryMate”


Abhinay Choudhary, the co-founder of Big Basket has launched the largest laundry services firm. This firm’s aim is to solve household chores. He’ll achieve the target of the gross revenue of $1 billion at LaundryMate by 2030, said Abhinay Choudhary.

The firm has launched its operation and Business to Consumer (B2C) app in Bengaluru. Its target is to execute the plan in over 30 cities including the small towns and other cities in India over the coming years.

It is one of India’s first online laundry service firms which offers these services such as wash and iron, wash and fold, dry cleaning, and steam iron. Users can log in to the app and check the live update of their clothes. The firm has the capacity of 45000 clothes to process in a day.

“Our vision is to optimize the use of resources and ease customer’s hassle life by providing them affordable and easy-to-use laundry service”, said Abhinay, co-founder of LaundryMate.

Also, it’s one of the largest laundry infrastructures spread across 53,000 square feet.

Abhinay has partnered with six experienced co-founders across various sectors for this firm. This includes Pushpendra Yadav, Raghavendra Joshi, Tripat Preet Singh, Asad Zaidi, and Uday Vijayan.

This firm is equipped with a lot of machines that are brought from across other countries including Turkey, Italy, the US, Belgium, and Dubai.

This digital technology-based firm offers its services within 24 hrs. from pickup to delivering the clothes to the doorstep. Users can avail of the membership offer starting from Rs.199.

This firm is focused on the B2C (household) segment but has a plan for B2B (hospitality and healthcare) segment which they execute in the coming years, according to the report.



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