Dell is creating business openings through its developing tech certifications in India


  New business opportunities are being developed by the development of technological certifications and standards in India. During a media roundtable, Peter Marrs, the president of Asia Pacific and Japan, and John Roese, the American hardware and services company’s president for Asia-Pacific, discussed their predictions about the technology trends for the upcoming years.

 According to them, in the upcoming year, global enterprise technology adoption will be shaped by useful applications of generative artificial intelligence, the emergence of multi-cloud edge platforms, and the advancement of quantum computing in combination with generative AI.

 Besides the social media intermediary guidelines that were notified in August and the Digital Personal Data Privacy Act, India is developing technology certifications and regulations, including cybersecurity laws.

 Ashwini Vaishnaw, the union information technology (IT) minister, stated, ‘New rules are being drafted regarding the AI deepfakes’. Further, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the Union Minister of State for IT, stated that the advancement in technology may lead to an increase in enterprise technology use cases as more businesses look to technology service providers like Dell.

 Also, Roese said, another key theme will apply not only to those involving generative AI but will be applied to all applications of AI. AI is the center of the universe. The only way to secure it, in the end, is to have zero trust, and ultimately, quantum will be the thing to power it over the long term for long-term performance.

 The synchronization of this vision will also result in commercial applications for generative AI with real returns for tech clients on investment, said Roese.

 The $245 billion IT services sector of India is recently placing a bet on the development of genuine generative AI business cases. Some generative AI announcements and continuing pilot partnerships have been released by all five of India’s largest IT service providers, including Infosys Ltd., Tech Mahindra Ltd., Tata Consultancy Services, HCL Technologies Ltd., and Wipro Ltd. During September, TCS, the largest of the five, said it had trained over 1,00,000 people in new generative AI skills.

  Roese is predicting that generative AI will become more mature over the coming years.

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