Gold Plus Glass Limited

With a 16% market share in fiscal 2021, Gold Plus Glass Limited is the second largest float glass manufacturer in India. Also, it has a 15% market share in the sales of the clear glass industry and 30% in the sales of the value-added glass industry. They have broadened their product line with 11 processed glass products and 22 value-added glass products. The organization engaged in these products:
  • Clear Glass
  • Clear glass is transparent glass that protects against fire, heat, and chemical impact. It’s mostly used across various applications like doors, windows, furniture, staircases, balconies, shelves, etc.
  • Value-added Glass
  • Value-added glass segments include reflective, frosted, tinted mirrors, and low e-glass.
  • Processed Glass
  • This category includes heat-strengthened glass, toughened glass, bullet-resistance glass, ceramic insulated glass, and PVB laminated glass.
      Purpose of issuing an IPO
      • To meet working capital requirements
      • Repaying market borrowings
      Financial Highlights
      Particulars For the year (Amt. in millions)
      FY 2021 FY 2020
      Revenue from operation 8525.81 6286.53
      EBITDA 1573.16 376.70
      Profit After Tax 576.46 799.06
      ROE 27.21 51.85
      IPO Details
      Opening Date To be updated
      Closing Date To be updated
      Face Value To be updated
      Issue Size To be updated
      Allotment Date To be updated
      Listing Date To be updated
      Listing At NSE, BSE

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