As one of India’s two most well-known stock exchanges, this company is well-known to all investors. SEBI has given the business the go-ahead to conduct its IPO. The company had postponed the IPO, though, because of unfavourable information regarding its former CEO. The situation is improving right now, and the company may file for an IPO in August. 

Is NSE planning an IPO?

The NSE board approved a resolution on October 4th, 2016, for an initial public offering and subsequent listing of equity shares. Expectations for an IPO in 2022 were high until Sebi issued orders against NSE and its former top officials in the co-location matter.

Ownership and Management of NSE

The NSE is owned by a set of leading monetary institutions, banks, coverage corporations and different monetary intermediaries. It is controlled via way of means of professionals, who do now no longer immediately or indirectly change at the Exchange. The buying and selling rights are with buying and selling participants who provide their services to the investors. The Board of NSE incorporates of senior executives from promoter institutions and eminent professionals, while not having any illustration from buying and selling participants.


Competitors of National Stock Exchange(NSE)


  • Trading Volatility.
  • New York Stock Exchange.
  • Nasdaq Market Data Feeds.
  • BSE
  • B3 Brasil.
  • Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE)
  • Korea Exchange (Koscom)
  • Deutche Börse.

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